Looking for some fun ways to get your team engaged?

We’ve got you covered.

Investing in your team, your most valuable asset, is a wise decision that pays off in multiple ways. By keeping them engaged through team-building activities, you not only save on frequent onboarding costs but also boost client satisfaction, as they won’t have to constantly adapt to new points of contact. A content and engaged team means a thriving and successful business.

Summer can feel like a time your team is out of sync. People are traveling, on PTO, taking early fridays, and generally feeling less motivated to be at work. Thankfully you can bring your team together and help them feel more connected by implementing some team building activities! Even remote teams can participate in team building exercises, and in fact, it’s even more crucial to keep trust and companionship between coworkers. So- let’s dive in!

Pet Olympics

Whether your team is in-office or at home, everybody loves their pets! If you’re onsite this activity can involve bringing your dogs into work and having them “compete” in a series of pet olympic challenges. Who can sit? Who can stay? Make sure to buy lots of puppy treats to reward them! If you have a team member who’d like to bring in another type of pet, simply adjust the games. If you’re looking to complete this activity remotely, have coworkers film their pets and upload them to the shared team chat. People can vote on who’s “highlight” reel was the cutest, funniest, and most surprising. We’ve even seen people film highlight reels for a pet rock!


Everybody loves a chance to show off their fun fact knowledge so trivia is a perfect team building exercise. Create some teams and have your coworkers compete to see who knows the most about life! Make sure to include lots of facts that other people would know, and don’t make it too hard. If you have access to Kahoot or another trivia software this would be a great option for remote teams. You could even have people come up with questions and submit them to be included in the games. Things like- “where is Rachel from” and “what is Hannah’s favorite color” are a fun way to get to know one another. Other trivia questions can be riddles, two truths and a lie, and even math questions.

Escape Rooms

Nothing brings people together more than trying to work together to solve a puzzle, and escape rooms are a great way to do that. If you’re in-person this could be a fun field trip for your team, but there are even online escape rooms that you can complete over video calls! Most escape rooms are themed, so choose one you think your team will enjoy. If you have a lot of people who love reading they might enjoy a fantasy themed escape room, others may enjoy a more intense one!


Almost everyone has played a sport at some point in their lives. Even if it was all the way back in elementary school. Games like golf, bowling, and soccer are fun ways to get everyone up and moving. This one is a little harder to do if you’re remote, but you could give your team a PTO day and compare scores later! If you’re in-office you can even install a small practice putting green in the office and keep a tally of who makes it in the hole the most.

Pitch Competition

A super exciting way to get employees involved in the business while team building is creating a pitch competition. Ask employees in teams to come up with an imaginary product, something simple and quick, and create a short presentation on it. This could be a rap, a powerpoint, a drawing, whatever they like. After they present their idea, ask your leadership team to rate each idea and explain which thing they would hypothetically invest in. You can also do this for a real product or initiative for your company, which is a great way to get some employee feedback while still having fun.

We hope these ideas have inspired you, and you’re excited to get out there and bond with your team!

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