The Second Question Test: How to Determine if Your Agency has a True Differentiator

As an agency owner, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. There are more than 120,000 agencies in the US alone, so having a unique differentiator is essential. Have you ever had a conversation with an agency that couldn’t articulate their unique benefits? To identify your true differentiator, the “Second Question Test” is essential. Let’s examine this test and find out why it matters for your business success.

What is the Second Question Test?

The Second Question Test is a two-part inquiry. First, you must answer the differentiator question: “What distinguishes your business from competitors?” Oftentimes, I find that agency owners have similar answers to this query; they tout their great customer service, data-driven capabilities, and senior personnel.

So the second question is how I know if you have a true differentiator and where I have found most agency owners struggle.  The question is “49 other agencies just said they have the same differentiator. So why are you better than those companies?” This second question is designed to test whether or not your differentiator really holds up against competitors or if it was just a generic statement with little substance behind it. If you can answer this question confidently then you have found a true differentiator for your agency!

Why Does It Matter?

Having a unique differentiator is essential for any business, but especially important for agencies that are trying to stand out among thousands of competitors. Passing the Second Question Test shows that you have done your research and identified an authentic way in which your agency stands apart from all the rest – something that customers will value and respect when making their purchasing decisions. It also allows you to easily communicate why customers should choose your agency over others, giving them more confidence in their decision-making process. 

Differentiating yourself from other agencies in today’s competitive landscape can be difficult but incredibly important for success. One way to know if you have a differentiator is by passing the “Second Question Test”. This test involves two questions – one asking what makes you different from competitors and one asking why you are better than those companies who claim they have the same differentiator as yours – allowing businesses to identify true unique selling points that will set them apart from the competition and make them attractive choices for potential customers. With this knowledge, owners of agencies can confidently articulate why their business should be chosen over similar ones in order to win new customers and grow their businesses successfully!